Manure Granules

You can always rely on Manure Processing Fryslân for manure granules of exceptional quality.

We follow a number of steps to produce a superior product:

  • First, collection of the raw materials.
  • Then the various manure types are mixed.
  • We then compost the manure mixture
  • and pasteurise and hygienise it.
  • That is followed by the drying process.
  • Finally, compression of the manure mixture into granules, followed by packaging and distribution.

This process guarantees odourless, germ-free and sustainably produced manure granules
We can also add minerals during the production process. Thus, we are able to cater to our clients’ needs in terms of on-demand crops and soil-driven composting requirements.

Product range
1. Back to the ROOTS: 4-3-3 (NPK)

Analysis of Back to the ROOTS: 4-3-3 (NPK)                                                                            < CLICK HERE 

2. Back to the ROOTS: on-demand

Natural supplements enable us to shape the mineral content of the compost. Naturally, this depends on soil conditions.

3. Back to the ROOTS: growth building blocks
A multi-stage programme based on two components:
    – BttR soil enhancer in combination with the BttR manure programme. These are added to the soil consecutively, thus guaranteeing optimal growth in “problem soil types”.

Packaging options

  • Bulk
  • Large bags
  • Small bags: 25 – 20 – 10 kg + buckets


  • CO2 neutral production chain
  • Manure collection with / without a contract
  • On-demand manure granule composition
  • Combination programme of soil enhancer with appropriate fertilisers
  • Odourless and germ-free
  • Exportable product

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