Manure processing

Manure Processing Fryslân BV is a certified manure processor. Under registration number NL 35931, the business processes manure in accordance with regulation EG 1069/2009.

Manure Processing Fryslân BV processes solid chicken manure, thick fraction pig manure, thick fraction cow manure and other types of manure.

Animal manure arrives at our Frisian factory in semi-solid form. Every incoming load is analysed. The manure is mixed to achieve an ideal balance in the originating mass. We can also arrange the transport of animal manure ourselves.

After being shredded, warm air is injected into the mixture by 3,000 injectors in a drying tunnel. That is the start of the hygienisation process during which the temperature rises to 70 degrees Celsius. Once that temperature has been reached, a computerised system maintains the temperature at 70 degrees for at least one hour.

This process ensures the compost complies with EU regulation 1069/2009 and that it meets export criteria.

By applying heat, the manure can then be dried to produce 60% dry material.
Additional drying can be applied to compress the compost into granules. The product is purchased in bulk by national and international agriculturalists and biogas installations.

The compost produced by Manure Processing Fryslân BV provides a superior alternative to artificial fertiliser (compost). It contains nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, sulphur and magnesium. The product also contains various trace elements and a high volume of organic matter. For that reason, the compost produced by Manure Processing Fryslân BV is highly beneficial to soil fertility.