Manure processing regulations

In the Netherlands, the requirement to process manure only applies if a business produces more manure than may disposed of. Businesses that are left with a surplus must have a percentage of the compost processed. That percentage depends on the region in which the business is located.

Businesses can fulfil their processing obligations in three ways

Tripartite agreement (DPO)
A DPO is an agreement between a farmer, a manure haulier and a manure processor. The processor may not be an agricultural business. The processor incinerates, gasifies or exports the surplus phosphate. < CLICK HERE >

Substitute processing agreement (VVO)
In the case of a VVO, the business transfers its processing obligation to another farmer. The surplus manure does not need to be transported to this farmer. However, the guidelines must be adhered to and the manure eventually needs to be removed. < CLICK HERE >

Code 61
For parties that transport directly to a processing business, or export directly, the Animal Manure Consignment Note (VDM) serves as the processing agreement. Code 61 is then entered onto the VDM. < CLICK HERE >

Manure Processing Fryslân BV is conversant with all three options for processing manure and can manage the process on behalf of agricultural businesses.