About us

The manure processing regulation aims to achieve a sustainable balance between manure production and supply. Livestock farmers are therefore required to process a percentage of the manure produced on their farms. Manure Processing Fryslân BV processes animal manure from farms all over the Netherlands.

‘We specialise in processing chicken, pig and cow manure into exceptional export products with a high quality dual application:

  • As organic compost for agricultural use and an excellent alternative to artificial fertiliser. Our compost enriches the soil so that crops are able to thrive.
  • As biomass with a high, economical gas yield for use in biogas installations

In addition to quality manure processing, Manure Processing Fryslân BV offers the following benefits:

  • Well managed logistics planning (cost savings)
  • Prompt supply of manure and distribution of processed compost products via our own charters
  • Guaranteed sales within a 180 kilometre radius
  • A large storage capacity
  • Business-specific calculations of manure processing obligations